Pixie Hollow Memories: Lyria tells a Unicorn Tale

Hello all! Remember that ” Unicorn Tale” which Lyria told at the Fairy Tale Theater at the beginning of each new hour? And if we wore a troop spirit top while watching the play, then we would get a lovely badge called ‘Unicorn Tale’.

P.S: While going for this play, I had dressed up as Rosetta to trick my friends. However, I wore a troop spirit top to get my badge. And yes, I chose to be on a silent server so that I could take better pictures of Lyria. ( I didn’t take pics of ALL the lines that Lyria told. Sorry!)


l20While chatting with friends in Havendish Square, I got this alert. I immediately  flew to the Fairy Tale Theater to watch the play!










After seeing this play, I flew to Fawn to accept her Unicorn Quest. Then to Tinker Bell, Silvermist and Rosetta. Finally, Iridessa’s quest showed me the ‘kind, noble and true’ Never Unicorn!

To see my full Never Unicorn post, go to this link:



Have fun!


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