Pixie Hollow Memories: Our beloved shopkeepers

Pixie Hollow would have been nothing without those lovely shops and our loyal shopkeepers. On the last day, I flew to some shops to thank the shopkeepers for what they had done…

Summit Style's shopkeeper Diva Wings

Summit Style’s shopkeeper Diva Wings

Summit Style was probably the most loved wardrobe shop in Hollow. The clothes were “to fly for”. Who can forget Miss Diva Wings, the lovely shopkeeper? Even though she’s smiling in this picture, actually she’s crying in her own heart. 😦


Gale's Outfitters' owner Gale

Gale’s Outfitters’ owner Gale

We all loved to wear the clothes similar to our favourite Official fairies. Especially the Pixie Party clothes, were a great hit. So thanks Miss Gale! We can never forget those lovely clothes.


Zephyr's Zoom Room's shopkeeper Zephyr

Zephyr’s Zoom Room’s shopkeeper Zephyr

Animal Derby, undoubtedly one of the most fave games. But who could think of racing those adorable animals without a helmet? And from where would we get hose stylish helmets? From Miss Zephyr of course!


Queen's Boutique's shopkeeper Erica

Queen’s Boutique’s shopkeeper Erica

‘ Clothes fit for Queen Clarion herself ‘ . Member or non-member, everyone visited Queen’s Boutique to checkout the most ‘ exclusive ‘ gowns in all of Pixie Hollow. Buy it or not, the clothes were truly a royalty.And who can forget the pretty shopkeeper Miss Erica? No one of course!


Cassie's Costumes' shopkeeper Cassie

Cassie’s Costumes’ shopkeeper Cassie

Who could dream of participating in plays without the costumes from Cassies’ ? And she was the one who sold all those troop spirits dresses! How much I loved showing troop spirit wearing my troop rabbit costume! Even non-members collected Pixie Diamonds to get a troop spirit top. Oh Miss Cassie, thank you so much!


Pixie Post Office's shopkeeper Spring

Pixie Post Office’s shopkeeper Spring

I can never forget the smile which those gifts and postcards brought over my friends’ faces. But that was never possible without Miss Spring, our beloved Post Office shopkeeper.


Seed Supply's shopkeeper Brook

Seed Supply’s shopkeeper Brook

I can never forget the blue skirt I grew in my garden along with a sash as a bonus! What if I’m a member, everyone loves clothes! Most non-members opted for clothes seeds as they had a low price and grew lovely surprises and maybe a bonus too! So thank you Miss Brook for all those plant- astic seeds!


Beck's Animal Nursery's shopkeeper Beck

Beck’s Animal Nursery’s shopkeeper Beck

Our animal friends. Our most beloved companions. Be it ladybugs, butterflies, fireflies, dragonflies or bees, everyone loved their animal friends. Thanks to Miss Beck for letting us adopt those adorable critters.

Thats it for now!



  1. Awww…I wish I’d thought to thank the shopkeepers too on my last visit to Pixie Hollow! I ended up thanking whatever friends happened to be in the Hollow and I was crying so hard I couldn’t see their names.

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