We lost the battle… :(

Listen Fairy friends, Hollow is closed now. I still can’t accept it. Its all over I’d say.

I seriously can't believe it, but Hollow has really closed :(

I seriously can’t believe it, but Hollow has really closed 😦

Maybe you all should send emails to Disney. It might help though. You can email Disney at the following emails: disney.interactive.pr@disney.com


And just any other email address you find. Note: Don’t forget to share all those new email addresses you find in the comments!


I’m now planning to post all the snips I’ve taken in Hollow so far and also some stories.

PLEASE NOTE: In case you want to connect with some of your old Pixie Hollow buddies, then send all your contact information like email address, old fairy d-name, old fairy name, your friend with whom you want to connect etc. to sarah.diamondswirls@yahoo.com   I can’t make any promises but who knows, your old friend may land on my site , see your contact info and contact you! 🙂

I’m obviously not going to delete this blog. It will remain as it is. Just a few posts following.

And of course, if Hollow re-opens, then I’ll again start my journey, ‘ Sarah’s Pixie Hollow Adventures’ !

See ya,

Sarah (Diamondswirls) 🙂



  1. I’m crying, but at the same time I’m determined to never give up on the fight to save Pixie Hollow. It lives forever in our hearts and memories, and it can never truly be taken away from us.

      1. heya1 sarah i have about u by my best friend elva espenpetal she told me that ur indian r u?
        if yes i wanna meet u

  2. I have been thinking that we should keep on fighting. That we should do everything we can to make it really hard, if not completely impossible for Disney to ignore us. I was thinking about visiting as many blogs and forums as possible to get and KEEP THE MESSAGE GOING THAT WE WANT PIXIE HOLLOW WORLD BACK!!! We really have to be nice though since we don’t want Disney to get mad at us. I think we should look for and use as many ways as we can to keep Disney well aware of how we feel.

    We should keep going. We should continue to fight for Pixie Hollow. I plan to never give up on getting our Hollow back.

    Perhaps we only lost the first fight, not the battle.

    Perhaps the battle for Pixie Hollow…is just beginning.

  3. hi, fairy friends i am missing you a lot. you know i am strawberry lotus lily in pixie hollow. please fight to back the pixie hollow. please give a hands to pixie hollow. to come back. and be forever friend. thank you
    see ya

  4. We got to fight off Disney for our dear Pixie Hollow,they closed it JUST because of Club Penguin and they wanted to do more Disney mobile apps (I heard they’re want to make 500 MORE “Where’s my…../Water” apps!) Disney has gone WAY too far but I heard in 2014 they’ll stop being lazy and selfish and re-open the website again! I heard they’ll make a “teen” Pixie Hollow though as well :/ Anyone who wants Pixie Hollow back tell Disney how much http://fairies.disney.com/games-activities is boring and NOTHING like the Pixie Hollow we want! All that new Pixie Hollow is just a bunch of boring games and stuff EVEN little girls would get bored of! Disney wants to replace with that boring website I pasted a link of and it’s not even a virtual world like the Pixie Hollow we want back! WHO’S WITH ME? FRIENDS! LET’S ATTACK DISNEY UNTIL WE GET OUR HOLLOW BACK!

    1. I miss my friends too 😦 I miss this girl named Jade. She was my best buddy Forever.
      We told each other our secerets sometimes 🙂 And sometimes go on that game thing xD the one where you have these ppl in a group and when you lose the power thing you have to eat a cake 😛 what is that called? We also had fashion cons! That was fun 😀

  5. there are two petitions. one of them got over 5000 signs the other one only got 3800… but altogether that makes 8,800 signs! it is possible for disney to reconsider. lets not lose our heads! theres still a little spark of hope. Disney could reopen pixie hollow in January. lets just hope for the best. 🙂

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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