Bad news (for me) :(

Logging in, I saw that I was no longer able to access my account. It said that someone had reported me. I never give anyone a chance to report me, then why? 😦 I couldn’t access my fairy till 10:30 pm PDT. A long time indeed.
When I tried to log in with my other fairies’ accounts, then it was all okay.
I wonder who had reported me? 😦 😦 😦



  1. Sarah, sorry to hear that. People are randomly getting banned through the use of the Disney Chat Filters.
    My pawsome friend, and my little sister Libby’s little boyfriend, Jasper got banned for no apparent reason. Good thing he had a back up account. He was banned for three days. My other friend Eve says that she might get banned for dissing Robert Iger and Disney for closing the Hollow. We’ll never know now.

  2. Hmm… I read this and was a little worried since that might have happened to me (Maybe they randomly reported people? I don’t know)

    But I logged in without an issue. Maybe some crazy pixies are reporting whoever suits them. You never know.
    (But if you can’t access your fairy until then, you can play on your backups and then go back to Sarah for your final 30 minutes :P)

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