Some more IMPORTANT information and reasons

Well Pixies, now there are just six days to go and we must do something. Sign the petitions please. Don’t think that your signing will not make any change. After all, millions of drops make an ocean! We need an ocean of 5000 signs. We already have 4000, help us get more!

Here is the link –

If you haven’t signed yet, go sign right away! Share this with facebook, email twitter and just ANYTHING!

It would be best to make dozens of email addresses and sign with all of them.


We all know that Pixie Hollow is closing but do you all know the ACTUAL reason it is closing? I’ve listed the major reasons-

  • Disney wants to focus on its other sites like Club Penguin. It also wants to improve the Mobile Apps .
  • Parents of some Pixie players thought that the chat in Pixie Hollow was not safe ( we know how safe it is! SIGH! ) So they took Disney to the courts! Of course this was a major problem for Disney.
  • There are rumors that Adobe Flash Premier (on which Pixie Hollow runs) has a deadly virus which is eating up all the data. This can be a problem.
  • Pixie Hollow was not getting ‘enough’ players. Actually it WAS getting ‘enough’ players but in comparison to Club Penguin, it was MUCH, MUCH less. 😦
  • Disney can’t employ many people to look after all its sites so its closing down most of them.
  • There is also a new site called Disney Infinity. It is getting many players! SIGH 😦


Marina, Tabby, Kit, Sweet Pea, Slate all have disappeared. They are still posting but it is all nonsense! They are showing that they ARE still there and Hollow is definitely going to close!


Mr Robert Iger, the Disney CEO, is the one who has decided to close all the Disney MMORPGs. There is still time so you can email him. Make sure that the letter is very heartwarming. Show sadness, not anger. (I know how angry you people actually are!)

Here is Robert Iger’s email-


We have many sweet and sour memories dedicated to Pixie Hollow! We MUST try to save it! 😀

Fly with ya,

Sarah D. 😀




  1. *Actually Disney Infinity isn’t a problem, it’s just a video game (xbox, wii, wiiU etc.) NOT a website. It’s similar to skylanders and has absolutely NOTHING to do with an online world. It’s 100% only you playing it, along with whoever is in your home who can play with you in a 2-player mode. Pixie Hollow is closed now anyways… so there’s no use in trying to save something that is long gone.

  2. I got that flash player viress . that’s for Disney to fix . to be fair most people on the hollow whear saying bad stuff . on cp its worst . someone friended me on cp when I came out of the theater . I wanted to do somin so I went bake to him . I gave him a smilly emote when I ment him & he was like why are you smiling at me . that’s when we ment . he dint know I was happy he friended me but when I whent to the hiddin lake he was thear with a friend & he said go away . he was acting mean & saying I was mean for doing nothing . so I unfriended him . players on club penguin are so rude !!:[

    1. I know. Why do the have the unfriendly chat even on there . All my friends ignore me or just friend my cuz I have the newest clothes that are nice or because my house looks nice or just because I have a lot of money in CP. The only person who listens to me in CP is my BFF from school. This girl at school said that PH should have closed down because there was a virus, people were using false language, and there were to much dating .

    1. Do you have any idea how many reports were filed each day….”thousands” and most of them small and petty not worth reporting. Once word came out of the closing the reporting feature meant nothing. I was on a Disney pilot project as a temporary moderator to help weed out the bad Fairies………. it was only for six weeks in June 2013. I was talking to the other moderator Fairies (the paid Disney personal) about the closing and right up to end they claimed they knew nothing about the Hollows future.

Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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