Mermaids at the Mermaid Grotto

I’ve always been a member but since I joined Pixie Hollow on 12th July 2013, the only event I saw was Camp Pixie Dust.

Now, because of the closure  (I hope Hollow doesn’t close anyway 😦 ) , The Ice Palace, Mermaid Grotto and The Frosted Forest are back.

Today, I just flew to The Mermaid Grotto with my best friend Scarlet, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lovely mermaids.

The Mermaid Grotto was beautifully decorated, plus, packed with fun giveaways!

The entrance is in Palm Tree Cove, between Butterfly Painter and Schelly’s Hair Salon.


I wore my favourite mermaid clothes in order not to scare the shy mermaids when I saw them!


As I said, the Grotto was decorated well and packed with giveaways!

As I badly wanted to see the mermaids I read how to see them.


Astonishingly, this time we needed just 3 pixies, not 10 like before!

We called our friends and 7 more fairies came! But most of them got busy in gathering bunches and gifts. 😦

However Scarlet, a friend of mine called Rose , and I showed the singing emote. But just nothing happened! We tried and tried and tried…

Now close your eyes, open them and see this picture…


Yes, you are NOT dreaming! Pinch yourself or anything, this IS a real mermaid!

You may wonder, was there just one mermaid? Well no. There were three of them and we saw them all. But the red-haired one as well as the yellow-haired one was really very shy. One of them just peeped from behind a rock, chuckled and went away! She hardly stayed for a second. The other one came out of water, looked at us (as if she had never seen fairies) and vanished!

Only this black-haired lovely mermaid was bold enough to stay for three seconds. 🙂

Fly with ya

Sarah D.






Let me know what you think, it means so much to me! ღ

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