So as we all know, our beloved Hollow will be closing in no time. We just have two weeks to save it. There is a petition site which can help us to save Hollow. We just have to sign in. We already have 3,000 signs and we need 2,000 more. Here’s the link-


Share the link with your friends and family now!


I’ve got a way in which just one person can sign the petition more than once! Its very simple. Just create many email addresses and sign the petition with all of them. Pretty simple right? 🙂



You can write emails to Disney on disney.interactive.pr@disney.com or billing@pixiehollow.com .

Don’t send your email to memberservices@pixiehollow.com as you will always get this reply-

Thank you for your email.

Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow will be closing on September 19, 2013.

All Pixies can log into Pixie Hollow and enjoy full unlimited access for free, from now until September 19, 2013!

To learn more about the Pixie Hollow closing, click here. (http://disney.go.com/fairies/pixie-hollow/closing/)

For further details and questions on billing, please visit the Pixie Hollow Closing FAQs here. (http://blog.pixiehollow.go.com/blog/help)

Continue to check out all of the exciting games and activities currently available at the official Disney Fairies website (http://fairies.disney.com/?cmp=ELP|fai||PixieHollow|NonBillingInq|GoTo|082013|||synergyFran|||), including the brand-new Pixie Party Couture fashion game! (http://fairies.disney.com/games-activities?cmp=ELP|fai||PixieHollow|NonBillingInq|GoTo|082013|||synergyFran|||)

Please note, any future emails to memberservices@pixiehollow.com will not receive a reply. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and loyal support for Pixie Hollow. You are truly flaptastic!

Fly with you,
The Pixie Hollow Team

You can also mail a letter to

Disney Interactive
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA  91521

Send mails and emails continously for best results!



I am fully sure that we WILL get 5000 signs BUT if we get them, will Disney REALLY reconsider the closure of Pixie Hollow?


Message to Pixie bloggers-

We bloggers can create an email address and all of us can share the password. We can use it to email to Disney and show our power. Agree?


19 September will be there before you know it!


Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust




  1. hey guys i think i missed alot on this blog when i was away. i rly wanna be nice friends with u all, just like cris and julie. they r bffs u know. id like to have a bff here who will be like my own sis. not julie cuz shes already my best bff

  2. I just got on this site I don’t know if anyone is still on here but if you get on pixie hollow fashion boutique app on your apple device you can either create your own fairy or download your fairy from before pixie hollow closed and keep on playing pixie hollow totally awesome right but that’s not all! !!!! If you don’t have a iPhone guess what pixie fashion boutique app is coming to Facebook and android phones and mac computers hope you enjoy new pixie hollow.

      1. They still have french pixie hollow and Japanese pixie hollow but french and UK are much more easier to understand I have played it’s like the old pixie hollow from 2009 it’s fun but I can’t believe Disney only closed American pixie hollow.

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