How I met my best friend

It was a gloomy day, a very gloomy one. My best friend in Pixie Hollow called Kate had deleted me from her friends list just because I had not voted her as the winner in a fashion contest at my party. I told this to my other friends and one of my friends called Sapphire, invited me to Animal Derby to play a game with her. So I flew to Fairy Coliseum and found that Sapphire was already playing. I decided not to disturb her and just flew around. I loved to collect badges so, in order to get a badge for making 5 friends, I sent request to many fairies but all of them rejected. I thought it was the worse day in my life. Finally, I sent a friend request to a fairy called Scarlet who was wearing a pretty Unicorn dress and she immediately accepted! I got my badge and was very happy. Then I continued my day as usual, playing games and chatting. All of a sudden I got a chat message from Scarlet saying, ” Do you like Mulan?” Mulan was my favourite Disney Princess so I immediately replied, ” Yes! I love her! How did you know?” Then she told me that she loved Mulan too and had seen my d-name which contained the name ‘Mulan’ in it. We started chatting about how we liked Mulan and more things. I got a party invite from my friend suddenly. As I had run out of diamonds and ingredients, I couldn’t buy a new dress. I asked Scarlet whether she could gift me something or not and she quickly said yes! She sent me a lovely skirt and sash and I thanked her. I talked to her alot and then she left.

I was feeling very happy then as I had found a friend who was very similar to me plus was very kind too. 🙂 After two more days of chatting together, we both realized that we liked each other more than anyone else! The result? We were now BFFS ! And not just BFFS but TBFFS ( Top Best Friends Forever) !!!

Now Scarlet always helps me in everything and so do I. I’m very, very happy to get a true best friend like her. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever



  1. she sounds very nice . I remember my friend nightfall bayberry . we spent every day together when the hollow was at the ege of its depressing closeing . thanks night fall . sarah , did you know a boy named lance .

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