The New News: Part 2

Favorite Pixie Hollow Memory: Marina

August 29, 2013
Posted by: Marina

Hi Fairy fashionistas! With Pixie Hollow closing on September 19, we Never Council members wanted to take a step back in time and share our favorite memories from Pixie Hollow past. I’m up next!

I bet it’s easy to guess my favorite Pixie Hollow memory … the very first Fashion Spotlight! We started the monthly tradition back in September 2011. There were only four winners back then. That number has since grown to 20 every month! I’d like to send a huge “thank you” to all of you Fairy fashionistas out there who have participated in the Fashion Spotlights and have shown off your pixie style through the years. We’ve added a print button to the “My Outfits” book so you can print all of your favorite outfit combinations.

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Again, nothing new or interesting. We really did enjoy the Fashion Spotlight MORE than Marina.All these Never Council Fairies are making us feel worse by  reminding us of these old,lovely memories.I think tomorrow Kit will post her favourite memories.Fairies who are fairly new (like me) havent seen these events.

I’m feeling bad… 😦



    1. As Minerva said, they are showing that they ARE still there but also showing that this is the end of Pixie Hollow. This is the first time I’ve started hating Kit, Marina, Sweet Pea and Slate. However, WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS! 🙂

    1. It’s a contest. For example, if the theme is a winter theme, the one who gets the nicest, original winter outfit will win. The PH administration will judge.

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