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Favorite Pixie Hollow Memories

August 27, 2013
Posted by: Sweet Pea


Fly with you, pixies! With Pixie Hollow closing on September 19, we Never Council members wanted to take a step back in time and share our favorite memories from Pixie Hollow past. I’ll go first!

My favorite Pixie Hollow memory would have to be all of the flitterific events. I’ve always loved Silly Days the best. It’s been so fun watching it evolve over the years! It started out as just a treasure chest full of Silly Glasses on the shore of Palm Tree Cove, and somehow became all about mermaids!! I’ve loved watching everyone flying around in mermaid tails, pretending to be “merfairies.” Thank you for all of the Fairy celebrations!

Oh, and be sure to look in your Leaf Journals in the Honors section – everyone has earned the Never Unicorn Star badge!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea

Well, there is nothing new or interesting in this news but I posted it in case you want to read it.Why did Sweet Pea write ‘Happy flapping’ at the end of the news? I think it should be Sad flapping as we definitely can’t flap happily now, can we? By sharing these memories, Sweet Pea is making us even sadder than we were.Many pixies who have joined Pixie Hollow recently(like me), haven’t even seen these events.
In case you haven’t see n the Unicorn Star badge, here is a picture of it-
The Unicorn Star Badge

The Unicorn Star Badge

Its currently my favourite badge.I do love the Never Unicorn, I really do.What are your favourite Pixie Hollow memories? Let me know in a comment.

Sweet Pea



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