Pixie Diamonds Info

First and last thing, there are NO codes for pixie diamonds.

pixie diamonds

Pixie Diamonds is the new way to shop for things in Pixie Hollow, from clothes to animal friends. Some shops like Seed Supply or Queen’s Boutique accept only Pixie Diamonds.

You can get these diamonds by getting new talent levels.Buying membership will give you the monthly allowance to PD. You can also purchase Pixie Diamonds.

Members also can trade ingredients for PD.

During some events, a few lucky fairies get a code for Diamonds. However this code can only be redeemed ONCE.


There are evil fairies in PPO who ask you to send them a gift and in return they’ll give you a code for diamonds. NEVER BELIEVE THEM. Once they get the gift, they delete you from their friend list and go away.


Hope it helps!



  1. That happen to me once. Except she didn’t say she had a code for diamonds for me. She said she’d be my best friend forever. But all she did was delete me from her friend’s list. I never saw her again. Until….

    I think i’m going to far. Have a flitterific day!

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