Helping Animals

Being an Animal Talent fairy, I couldn’t think of anything special to do for Animals. Suddenly I got a party invitation from my friend.I flew to her home and chatted.Suddenly I noticed that her little Ladybug was taking a nap.

I clicked on her and Aw! Her stats were all on zero! I told my friend Rose to take proper care of her but she said she had no time.Why do they adopt little innocent animals if they can’t spend time with them? I always make sure that all Merry’s stats are 100 out of 100.

However, what I could do was just feed the ladybug Daisy.I had plenty of Buttercup petals so I fed her and she appeared quite happy! I decided to do this with any hungry animal friend I find!

Take good care of your animal friends!



  1. That’s great!

    It’s so sad how some pixies just don’t take care of their animal friends…
    I always make sure my Wish is always at full 100 🙂

    Besides, if your Animal Friend is not higher than 90 for everything, it won’t bring it’s daily gifts!

    ~ Minerva

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