A weird day

I am not going to include any snips TAKEN BY ME in this post for I don’t have any. However this is going to be  very interesting.

I flew to animal derby and played a game.Suddenly a fairy called Roseroot sent me a request. I denied. She sent me thrice and showed the sad emote.Atlast I had to accept. She wasn’t a member but her butterfly was a member item! I don’t know why.

I flew to cottonpuff field and sent a request to a fairy. She accepted.I casually asked her how many diamonds she had and she said none. I sent a request to her sister and she denied. She told me I am a bad fairy for I asked her sister about diamonds. She called me bad names and to my surprise,  everyone took her side! I had to report her.She had been very rude and bad to me.She was called Lily.

I hope I never get to meet such fairies or sparrowmen again!

Have a good day!



  1. It’s always sad to meet mean fairies in the Hollow..

    To answer your question, since Pixie Hollow is ending soon, everyone has been made a Member until the ending date, September, 19th.
    What I’ve found is that all people who were Members before the ending date kept their pin (This was not the case a few days ago when everyone had a wooden pin)

    Fairies who did not have membership before the ending date (such as myself, or Roseroot) were given Member privileges and unlimited access but were not given the pin.

    ~ Minerva

  2. that girl was rude . all you wear asking was if she had a lot of dimands . you wernt gonna hack . she dint need to say bad words . if you just asked & flew away in a flash then she would say stuff like that .

  3. I agree, she is rude. There’s this fairy named Lavender ——- (I forgot her last name) who made friends with me and invited me to her house. She started eating some flower silly sweets so some flowers will trail behind her as she ‘danced’. I told her that I really need to get the final Crazy Cakes badge and she got mad at me. She said that she was a relative of Lyria, and she wanted me to see her talents. Seriously. She said that Queen Clarion would be ashamed of me, and she walked out. Well, you can never tell if a fairy is kind or mean. -_-

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