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I just found a letter on a website.Please send it to

Robert Iger, Disney CEO
Mr. Iger,Please reconsider the impending shut down announcement of Pixie Hollow and keep it open. We understand that the software division has been a soft spot of Disney, but we also believe in the magic it has created. That magic has changed and touched many lives from children to adults. We ask that you listen to the voices here and keep Pixie Hollow open.

Pixie Hollow is more than a simple fairy role playing game online, for countless girls it is the only outlet of online game of this structure online. It allowed girls to live in their imagination, make friends, work towards goals, and learn in a safe environment. Pixie Hollow was a place where little girls and adults alike could get away from the world and not just pretend but be immersed in the life of a fairy. For many the creation of their fairy was an extension of their selves into another world that was made from the stuff of dreams.

Pixie Hollow is the perfect ideal of what Walt Disney stood for the idea that the imagination never had to die and that we never had to grow up. Disney created an environment that nurtured the child in children and adults alike with the creation of Pixie Hollow. This game drew in children, and then their parents who became loyal followers playing together. Many times whole families would join and pay to join this site to fly together. Pixie Hollow unlike so many games that targets children was designed in a manner that drew them in and kept them. It then drew in their family members as well. It truly was an ageless game for all to partake.

As parents with children who played the game we thank you for providing an ageless system, and a safe system for our children. It provided an environment we could enjoy together, and one that we could allow our children to play on their own with limited supervision. Disney provided a safe place for children to play with strict controls to keep predators and bullies at bay. Of all the systems Pixie Hollow was one of the only that executed this well because our children could still make and talk to friends online without the dangers that are associated with online games. When Pixie Hollow shuts down numerous girls and boys alike will be heart broken, and their families will be too.

The manner that Disney has gone about this shut down is also not Disney like since you have shut down every form of communication we had to complain. We know this shut down was sudden since announcements for the fall were being made a week before. What we don’t understand is why you’ve shoved a loyal following into the cold. You shut down the customer support line, customer support email, and left nowhere for us to state our feelings. You answer us now with generated unfeeling responses, or put us into black hole voice-mail boxes that will be deleted. Walt Disney was about customer service and you have essentially said with this move that we the customer do not matter, and that is what hurts most of all.

Pixie Hollow’s revenues extended far beyond those what were seen in the software division. Countless toys, books, movies, and apparel were sold because of this game. These revenues may not have hit the software division directly but certainly greatly impacted the company as a whole. The game brought a new generation of girls into the fold, and kept them through not just childhood but their teenage years. It brought their families to your resorts

The cost of Pixie Hollow membership was low in comparison to other products, and the advertising limited. A product that could have had a reach even far greater than it had was stunted due to not being developed, marketed, or sold at a cost that could up keep it as it aged. We ask that you consider this and that we are willing to pay to keep our Hollow. This should have been evident with the number of paying clients the site had. Though the Hollow was a big success with those who followed it, it was Disney’s lack of direction that allowed it to not grow to the potential it truly had. We ask that you consider this and put the money in that we are willing to pay and have been paying you as customers to update the system, market it, and make it profitable.

The bottom line is we do not want our Hollow to go. This is a place where imagination is allowed to take flight for countless children and adults alike. We understand that there are cost measures that need to be taken, but we do not understand why instead of asking us to give a little more you are shoving us into the cold with no way to tell you how we feel. Please take a moment and look at the signatures here, these are the voices of the Hollow. These voices are asking you to stop the shutdown of their imagination, and to let that grow. We ask that you reconsider shutting down Pixie Hollow, and instead keep it open and grow it further. We truly believe in this product and want it to stay.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

The Fairies and Sparrow Men of Pixie Hollow

[Your name]

You can also make certain changes in the letter but don’t forget to send it right away!



  1. Shouldn’t Mr.Iger get annoyed that many people are sending him the same letter? Anyway, I’ll try my best to email this to him.

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